What Type of Entrepreneur are You?

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There are a lot of entrepreneurs in the world. If you don’t have your own business, it doesn’t mean you are not an entrepreneur! There are several types, read the article below and find out which one is you!

Questions for Entrepreneurs

Here are some questions to help you decide what type of entrepreneur are you. You can have multiple answers. The types are all listed below!

What is your biggest motivation for being an entrepreneur?

  • Extra Cash
  • Some Free Time
  • Ready to be my own boss

Do you have other priorities?

  • Yes, Kids
  • Yes, a 9 to 5
  • No
  • Yes, another business

If your business succeeds, what is your mindset?

  • I’ll think about going all in
  • I don’t really care how big it gets
  • I did it!
  • Maybe it can grow into a family business

Would you be up for another business?

  • Hell yes, at the same time!
  • Maybe, if I have more time
  • In the future
  • Nah, I’m good with one!
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Types of Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to find out what type of entrepreneur you are? Here are the top 6. There are many other types of entrepreneurs as every entrepreneur is different and has their own situations, but as a general view of entrepreneurs, here are six.

The Thinker

This entrepreneur is someone who hasn’t started the business process. They really want to and they think consistently about what they can do and who they can serve.

Remember, the planning process and developing your target market is the foundation for the whole business! You can learn more at Build a Business eCourse.


These entrepreneurs biggest job is being a parent. They might have a 9 to 5 or their own business, but in whatever their situation, their kids are still their first priority.

Has One or Multiple Children at Home

What separates Parent-preneurs from Retired-preneurs is children! Parent-preneurs still have children at home which takes a lot of their focus rather the Retired-preneurs’ children have their own homes and families.

Not the First Priority, because Kids!

Once again, the biggest and the best job these entrepreneurs have is being a parent. You go Parent-preneur!

Looking for Something to do During Nap Time, When the Kids are Asleep

Due to having other priorities and responsibilities, Parent-preneurs tend to be more Side Gig Hustlers. Unlike Side Gig Hustlers, the reason these entrepreneurs aren’t going All-In is for their children, they want to make sure they have plenty of time for all the games and performances.

Side Gig Hustler

Most Side Gig Hustlers are those with a 9 to 5 office job. However, Side Gig Hustlers can also be someone with their own business that want to do something completely different on their spare time. This isn’t necessarily a Multi-Entrepreneur, but close. Before jumping into being an All-In entrepreneurs, they want to know what to expect.

Have Some Free Time after 9 to 5

Some Side Gig Hustlers have a lot of time due to their office job being easy for them or not as fulfilling. But they probably love their 9 to 5 either way. So, they create a side gig to fill up their extra time.

Looking for Some Side Cash

Side Gig Hustlers are looking for a bit of money here and there! Maybe to save up for some fun activities or to help pay off debt or whatever the reason might be! They have their 9 to 5, but would like a bit more.

If this Succeeds, Maybe You Will Go All In

Side Gig Hustlers are looking for security. Maybe they started their side business for extra cash or some free time, but they like the security of their office job, which is totally fine! This being said, not all will quit their 9 to 5 and become an All-In entrepreneur.


Think poker. These entrepreneurs are looking to have a business that is just theirs! They are looking to be their own boss! They are ready to work all the time because their business is their baby!

Ready to Quit 9 to 5 or Already Have

Lots of Side Gig Hustlers turn into All-In entrepreneurs when they decide to quit or quit their office job to devote their whole time to their business. Others, quit directly and then start the business. Whichever the steps, quitting is the biggest!

Puts lots of Energy/Money into the Business

Just like in poker, All-In entrepreneurs don’t hedge their bets. They dive right in. They are looking to succeed and won’t stop until they do. Some of them even spend time with complimentary discovery calls!

Can’t stop, Won’t Stop Mentality

All-In entrepreneurs are putting everything they have in the pile. They quit their office job to pursue their dream. It isn’t easy and some are not able to take the leap. Those who do, have a tough mentality!


The biggest thing for Multi-Entrepreneurs is to be in different aspects of business or industries. One of the best ways to help Multi-Entrepreneurs is Build a Business eCourse– a guide to set up any type of business! What sets this entrepreneur apart from an entrepreneur who has a side gig in addition to their business is that a Multi-Entrepreneur wants to also make their side gig succeed to perhaps be another full fledge business.

Has too many ideas, so starts all of them

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of ideas! There is nothing wrong with starting all of them! IF, a big IF, you can handle them!

As I mentioned in my Social Media Strategy article, you don’t have to be everywhere, mainly because you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. You want to be focused on your goals and target market!

Wants to do a variety of things

Multi-Entrepreneurs are just that- in multiple businesses! They like and want to do a variety of things either to pursue their own passions or to learn new things in different industries.

Can be all Side Gigs or All-In

This entrepreneur cannot pick just one business to focus on. They want to do everything! These business ventures can be different side gigs to their main office job or side gigs to their All-In business or all side gigs with not one All-In business OR these business ventures could be All-In.


Retired-preneurs are those looking to build a business to enable them to continue to have fun with their new found freedom! If they aren’t sure how to start with their business, check out Build a Business eCourse!

Already worked that 9 to 5, or a prior businesses

Retired-preneurs had a job prior. It could have been an office job or perhaps they started a business prior. They already have work experience and are ready to start doing something fun for them.

In between All-In and Side Gig

Since these entrepreneurs are retired, they don’t have a full time office job to attend to. However, since they are retired, they are more likely not to want to be All-In because they are retired! This entrepreneur then treats this business as more of a side gig even though it takes a lot of their professional thoughts.

Kids are gone, looking for something to fill the time

Their kids and grandchildren are a priority, but less than parent-preneur because the kids are gone from the house. The time they used to dedicate to their children is now open and free.

Extra cash

Though we prepare for retirement, perhaps we want to treat the grandchildren to Disneyland or treat ourselves further on a cruise! Retired-preneurs are looking for some extra cash to have some extra fun!

Types of Entrepreneurs

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