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My passion is marketing: marketing anything from a business to yourself. How do you market yourself better? Through learning and improving new languages!

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Here are some testimonials from parents of young students:

OMG, she loves you!  She’s excited for the next course.

Mother of a Spanish learner

(L’etudiante) se concentre et fait de beaux efforts. Elle est donc bien sensible aux apprentissages et aux renforcements. Je suis très contente de la voir apprendre.

(The student) focuses and makes good efforts. She is doing well with learning and re-enforcement. I am very happy to see her learn. (Mother of an English learner)

Thanks a lot! She loved (the class)!

Mother of a Spanish learner

(Les etudiantes) Ils les ont beaucoup appréciés et y allaient avec enthousiasme!

(The students) really appreciated the classes and went with enthusiasm! (Mother of 2 English learners)

The kids really liked you!

Mother of 2 English learners

As a business entrepreneur AND an English teacher, I am also available for Business English courses. Let’s make your resume shine!


I received my Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification in Prague, Czech Republic in 2016.


I have taught ages from 4 to 50+ and to a variety of cultures such as Czech, Canadian, French, and different African ones.


Each lesson is shaped towards that student or students- their interests and their specific level.

As constantly being a student of language, I understand the frustration, but also the joy of a new language. Let’s get started today if you are looking to learn the basics of Spanish or improve your English- send me a message!

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Classes to be held through Skype, Zoom, or Google at what best fits your schedule.

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