Design can mean so many things! And, we got it all! From posters to print for events or content to be published online to the whole branding work-up, let’s chat today!

Print and Social Media

From content for in person conferences or physical products to social media postings on any platform.

Mountain High Animal Sanctuary Facebook Posts

In addition to graphics, I write the copy and manage the FB page.

Branding and Logos

Each branding project comes with a brand book that establishes color palette, fonts, use of imagery, and other guidelines.

Marketing Plans

Each marketing plan has the breakdown of what the project or mission is, target market, steps to take, and timeline among other items.

Website Design

Can include setting it up via the back end as well as production of a website design wire frame for a professional developer to work off of.

Personal Chapter: Website Copy and Set Up

Seneca Sense / WeSense: Branding Update on Website and App

Minna Nikula: Branding & Website Design: Coming Soon

Lisa Hardess: Building the Member Portal and Customer Funnel

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