Build a business with Marinella Yule

Let’s Talk Rates.

The not so fun part about business, but, alas, necessary.

When it comes to writing, I do not price per word. I price per article depending on word count range and inclusion of SEO.

Why I prefer not working with hourly or per word

As simple as hourly or word price is, I find it can lead to disagreements on what is necessary. To avoid the discussion if 1,000 words for a blog is actually better than 900 or vice versa, I prefer to price per article for a range of 1,000 to 1,5000 words, as an example.

If you fancy packages or retainers, keep in mind, I am like Costco. Buy in bulk, save!

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A Break Down of Rates

  • Hourly: Per hour, best for one or two hours of work (i.e. strategy).
  • Packages: A set price per set of hours/projects, best for multiple items over long period of time. (i.e. marketing materials for a conference, you can view each marketing material as a project).
  • Per Project: Price per project, best for one item or items around the same theme (i.e. SEO for website copy).
  • Retainers: A monthly fee with the monthly work outlined (i.e. social media content creation/blogging).

*I work with additional freelancers and I might outsource work to them. I 100% sponsor their work, but each client will be detailed on if and when outsourcing happens.