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Let’s Talk Rates.

The not so fun part about business, but, alas, necessary.

When it comes to writing, I do not price per word. I price per article depending on word count range and inclusion of SEO.

Why I prefer not working with hourly or per word

As simple as hourly or word price is, I find it can lead to disagreements on what is necessary. To avoid the discussion if 1,000 words for a blog is actually better than 900, I prefer to price per article for a range of 1,000 to 1,5000 words, as an example.

Also, some blog subjects are easier to write then others which means less time writing them, but the writing quality is of the same caliber.

If you fancy packages or retainers, keep in mind, I am like Costco. Buy in bulk, save!

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A Break Down of Rates

  • Hourly: Per hour, best for one or two hours of work (i.e. strategy).
  • Packages: A set price per set of hours/projects, best for multiple items over long period of time. (i.e. marketing materials for a conference, you can view each marketing material as a project).
  • Per Project: Price per project, best for one item or items around the same theme (i.e. SEO for website copy).
  • Retainers: A monthly fee with the monthly work outlined (i.e. social media content creation/blogging).