Complimentary Discovery Calls and Why You Need to Do Them

Complimentary Discovery Calls

Complimentary discovery calls are not as popular as one would think. Many business professionals don’t offer it and others have a strict rule on when they do jump on a call. Others still feel uncomfortable with being on a phone call let alone a video call.

What? We have to put on a nice shirt? Yes, yes you do.

I offer complimentary discovery calls to potential clients as a way to “meet and greet.” I use this time to get to know the potential client, but also for them to get to know me.

This also goes in line with networking and virtual calls, you can learn more at Build a Business eCourse!

Here are some reasons why you should take the chance to get on a complimentary discovery call if you are the potential client and reasons if you are the business professional:

Complimentary Discovery Calls for the Potential Client

You can see the person

Emails and messages are great, but, who is on the other side? In this age of online profiles and cat fishing, are we sure that that person’s photo is actually the person? You will be entrusting your business into the hands of this person, it is a good idea to see them “in person” or at least a video call.

You can ask on the spot questions

When you have a video call or you meet in person, there isn’t an opportunity for the person to look up answers. As a potential client, you should want to see if the person really knows their stuff and if they don’t, how do they answer the question?

You get a feel of their personality

Did you know, most of a message is sent via body language and tone of voice? Only like 5 percent of a message is the actual words. Talking to the person in person or via video will enable you to see how they really are. Do they have more of a vibrant personality? Do they appear more quiet and serious? There is no wrong personality, but as a potential client, you will want to work with someone who resonates with you.

Reasons for the Business Professional

You can ask more in depth questions

There are many things to know that will help you price out a quote or to let you know if the contract fits into your niche. Sending emails and messages could cover all these questions, but often it could take many emails back and forth. Having an in person meeting or a video call will enable you to ask all the questions you need within 30 minutes.

You can get a sense of the scope of work

Sometimes clients don’t know 100 percent what they are looking for. Sometimes clients say “I know it when I see it.” You might have certain phrases that are a “no go” when working with clients. Certain phrases might mean certain things about the client such as a specific project might take longer with one client than another due to the client’s personality or expectations of the work flow.

You can put your best foot forward

Just as I mentioned above, most of the message is through body language and tone of voice. Before your video call or in person meeting, dress your best, brush your teeth, and make sure you are smiling! I know many women don’t like the word “Smile!” But, it really does change the conversation when you do. It conveys a happy and bright personality. Try it in the mirror. Say this with a straight face and then a smile: “My name is ___ and I love what I do.” Which sounded better?

Finally, You can show you have studied their situation through reading your notes. People love when others do research – it shows them you care about them and their business.

For Complimentary Discovery Calls

For myself, I use Calendly to schedule my complimentary discovery calls. It automatically sets the time for them in their time zone and then once it is scheduled, it appears in my calendar with the time in my time zone. I could also set it up to automatically send a Zoom or Google Meet link.

Make sure to follow up with them a few hours before with the link again to make sure there are no technical difficulties.

When I pitch my services, I always include a sentence that discusses jumping on a call and if the person is agreeable to it, I send them the link to my Calendly. This takes away the back and forth of when both of you are available and any issues with time zone confusions.

Complimentary Discovery Calls and why you need them with Marinella Yule Marketing Consultant

Don’t Ghost Complimentary Discovery Calls

For both the business professional and the potential client, the best and absolute must thing you have to do when it comes to complimentary discovery calls is to show up.

OR, send an email with a postponement or cancellation.

It isn’t professional on either side to not show up for a scheduled call.

But from another point of view, as the potential client, it is free! Why not use this time to your benefit?

The reasons for a business professional might be obvious: you will lose the potential client. But there are drawbacks for the client as well.

Even if you decide to not hire the business professional you never know where connections will lead you. Think of complimentary discovery calls as another form of networking. Just because you can’t afford their services doesn’t mean that they might not be able to help you in other ways.

They might recommend people to you as clients for you! Or they might know of another professional that could help in your budget range.

For both professional and potential client, the best rule of thumb is to be polite and positive when interacting with each other.

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