Hiring Someone vs an eCourse

hiring vs ecourse

What is the difference between hiring someone vs paying for an eCourse? From the outset the answer might be very obvious, but there might be some other items you haven’t thought of.

In regards to Build a Business eCourse, this is a great place to get started for building your business as it will give you information that could help you hire the right person.

Hiring Someone for the Work

They will do it for you (you give up control)

The first thought when it comes to hiring someone is that they will do the work for you. However, the opposite viewpoint for this is that you give up control. Often, this means you have to give your passwords to your accounts to the person or you have to trust their abilities to create your vision.

They have more training and experience (or not)

The benefit to hiring someone is that they have more training and experience in that particular area. Or, at least, you believe they do. One of the downsides of hiring someone is that in fact they don’t have the actual training and experience, which could cost you a lot more time and money than previously planned.

Hiring Someone Could Cost Hundreds of Dollars

Hiring someone, especially if they are highly trained and experienced, can cost you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars depending on the particular job.

Build a Business eCourse offers tools and programs that are free or budget-friendly to help you build and grow your business!

You have to explain what you are looking for when Hiring Someone

The biggest downside of hiring someone vs an ecourse is that, they can’t read your mind, unfortunately. You have to explain what you are looking for. Perhaps you don’t know what you are looking for, but you know it when you see it or rather you know what you don’t want when you see it. This thought process is completely normal, but it can be costly for your time (and theirs) and your money.

Pay for an eCourse

Saves money

The major benefit of doing an eCourse vs hiring someone is that it saves you money. You get a lot more information for a lot less and Build a Business also gives you information on the different programs you can use and HOW you use them.

An eCourse gives information on all aspects

Build a Business eCourse goes through all the different steps of building a business online from figuring out your target market to how to price yourself to even how to network! It really does cover everything under the sun!

You have control over your baby

Let’s be honest. Our business is our baby. We have a vision for its growth. There might be a special meaning involved in your business for you. By doing an eCourse and doing the different steps yourself, you won’t have to relinquish control over your baby to someone else. You will have full control over the reigns.

You know what you want (or don’t want)

Precisely what is mentioned above, sometimes you might not know what you want or you might only know what you DON’T want. This is totally normal. But, as mentioned above, hiring an external person is just that: an external person. They won’t be able to read your mind.

hiring vs ecourse

Going through Build a Business eCourse enables you to either create what is in your mind and vision yourself OR, after this course, you will have the ability to further explain your vision to that external person, which will cut down on time and, potentially, money.

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