Tips on Writing

Tips on Writing

One of the biggest service industry niche is copywriting and content writing. Some individuals can include SEO, search engine optimization, in their package, but I want to focus on just the writing part: making sentences, headings, picking the right words to convey the right branding, etc.

As a writer, English teacher, and someone who has written in Spanish and French, my overall experience is that writing is another form of art.

What do I mean by that?

Yes, of course, writing is art, but what I mean is related to the phrase: “Art is in the eye of the beholder.”

Even though you can write grammatically incorrect such as this sentence: “Yesterday, I am going to the store.” There is no wrong way to write in general, it isn’t like math.

I have listed two major tips to help with writing; two things that you should keep in mind while proceeding forward in this industry.

Tips on Writing in Your Niche

So, what to do, how to get clients, how to proceed with writing if it is just “art is in the eye of the beholder?”

This goes back to knowing your niche or target market. Who are you trying to serve? If you are trying to serve companies that want to have more of a conversational tone, make your writing style fit that. If you want to fit with a company that is more academically toned, make your writing style fit that.

Ghost writing is a niche. If you go down that path, a good question to think about is: “Can I take on the writing style of who I am writing for?”

In my experience, not many people are able to assume another writing style easily.

If you have more of an artful writing style, where you really create the picture and set the tone well, maybe think of serving niches that are coaches such as relationship coaches or businesses that serve mothers.

If you have more of a clinical, point blank, writing style, perhaps think of serving niches that are companies that serve men or B2B (business to business) companies.

This goes also in line with tips for writing guest pieces.

Tips on Writing Guest Pieces

Guest pieces are helpful for marketing reasons. It spreads your name around, but also your link. It sometimes helps with SEO as your link is on different sites.

However, just like serving clients, writing guest pieces also need to be in your niche. If you are a travel blogger, send off guest pieces to other travel bloggers. You CAN write a piece for a fashion blog, of course, but try to make it more into your niche: “Clothes to Wear While Traveling.”

This also enables you to maintain your own voice.

This being said, if you are accepting guest pieces, you also need to keep in mind that the author’s voice is NOT your voice.

I have had many bloggers accept my guest piece and then re-write it to it fits their writing style. This didn’t bother me in the sense of changing my work, I just wanted my name and link for marketing purposes anyways. BUT, I would think to myself, then why ask for guest writers?

Remember, you don’t have to accept guest pieces. If you really don’t want a different type of voice on your site, you don’t have to! These tips on writing also include things you don’t have to do rather than only things you should do. Sometimes the best thing is not doing something.

If you want another “voice” on your site, but you don’t want them to write things, you can do more of an interview piece. Ask them to answer questions that you then will compile in your writing style.

But, again, if you do want others to write pieces for you, it is best practice to not re-write their articles. Again, why accept guest pieces then?

Tips on Writing

The Writing Industry

This all being said, the writing industry can be hard to enter, can be hard to maneuver, but remember to keep these things in mind:

  • Who is your target market? What voice are they looking for to read?
  • If I accept guest pieces, am I open to other voices?
  • If I write guest pieces, am I comfortable with the blog owner making major changes to fit their voice?

I hope these tips and things to keep in mind has helped you go through the writing labyrinth. If you are looking for more building and growing a business, be sure to check out my Build a Business eCourse. An online course that talks about different business steps while providing you free and budget-friendly tools and programs for you to use!

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