Tips on Organization for Online Business Owners

Tips on organization for online business owners

I naturally tend to be more organized that others. If you have taken those personality tests, I always get the trait: organized. However, sometimes, I do lack in this department. I have to make greater efforts to make sure my business and files are organized.

Here are my key tips on organization that I focus on myself. I am a big believer in being “efficient” and I find these organization tips help with that!

I hope these help you with your own organization for your business. If you are looking for more information on building and growing your business efficiently and effectively, be sure to check out Build a Business eCourse.

Folders for Everything

This might seem obvious, but having a folder for everything is very helpful! I have folders within folders. Here is an example of the big folder down to the smallest folder within:

  • Clients
  • Client’s Name
  • Type of Work (Social Media Graphics)
  • Month of Graphics (All graphics for December)
  • Instagram Feed / Instagram Stories

I have a folder that keeps all my clients. Under this, I have each individual client. Within each client’s folder, I then have folders for the different material, such as social media graphics or fliers or invoices. Within those folders, I have more, such as under social media graphics I then have the different months I created. For example, all the graphics for December are in the folder “December.” Within that folder, I have the Instagram feed and Instagram Stories folders.

There are of course different “Russian Dolls” of folders you can use. In other words, there are different ways you can label the folders. Whatever works for you!

Make a Brand Book/Guidelines

In one of my “big” folders, I have a folder dedicated to marketing materials for my own business. I highly suggest this because if you need something, you have everything in one spot.

One of the biggest documents I suggest to help you with your organization is to have a brand book or guidelines.

A brand is your company’s personality. A brand book or guidelines is a multi-page document that outlines what your brand is. For example, it will outline your colors, fonts, voice, styles, and more like what to do and not to do with your brand.

Keep Track of your Invoices

This might seem like an obvious tip on organization, but one I find that entrepreneurs tend to put on the back burner. Talking about money is never fun, and trust me, I totally understand the lack of enthusiasm to manage your invoices.

There are different ways to mange your invoices. Here are my ways:

I keep each invoice in the folder of the client I just worked with. This way, if there was a question, I can go straight to that client and all their information and documents are there.

I also keep an Excel Spreadsheet on Google. I have these as headers:

  • Client’s Name
  • Date of Invoice Sent
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Price
  • Date when it was paid
  • What currency
  • How it was paid

The more information you have when it comes to the invoices, the better. You never know when you might need this.

tips on organization for online business owners

Network and Take Notes

One of the biggest things I can say to help your business grow is to network! Online networking is very much a thing! With COVID making in-person networking difficult, there are plenty of opportunities to virtual network.

However, in order to keep track of all the people you will be connecting with, I suggest having a Networking Journal. This journal will help you remember who you have chatted with and what they can offer you or what you can offer them!

If someone refers someone to you, you definitely want to remember that person!

I talk more about networking online and a networking journal in my Build a Business eCourse, be sure to check it out!

Record Your Hours

My final tip on organization is to record and keep track of your hours. This is important especially when you are working per hour and billing per hour. However, I highly suggest recording your hours even if you are not working per hour, if you are working per project.

This will help for quote more accurate prices to clients. I know entrepreneurs have difficulty with pricing themselves, if you would like more help, please see my Build a Business eCourse! However, if you start keeping track of how long it takes you to do something, later, you will be able to quote a price that fits.

I hope these tips on organization has helped or will help you! I am always open to new ideas to make work more efficient, so if you have more tips and tricks, feel free to contact me! Sign up for the newsletter as well to receive more business tips and deals!

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