Ch. 8: How to Price Yourself & Invoicing

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Chapter 8 is dedicated to going in depth on different pricing options, how to figure out your pricing, how to invoice, how to create proposals, and more! This chapter can take one hour to two hours to complete depending on the individual! This chapter has one unit.

2 reviews for Ch. 8: How to Price Yourself & Invoicing

  1. Rebecca Brewster

    I really appreciated the level of detail Marinella includes in this chapter. While I can easily enough google price ranges for the services I offer, learning how to position my pricing in a proposal and handle invoicing is harder for me. Thanks for the help Marinella!

  2. David

    As I consultant I find it very important to know how to price yourself and this chapter really gives you the tools to price yourself adequately and is a wealth of useful information for invoicing as well. I strongly recommend it!

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