Ch. 5: Basic Coding

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Chapter 5 discusses the basics of coding. Through this course you will understand what your backend of your website is saying and how to make little tweaks to your site. This chapter can take one to two hours to complete depending on the individual! This chapter has one unit.

2 reviews for Ch. 5: Basic Coding

  1. Gregory Masino

    The chapter’s message is to not be afraid of coding! The chapter, in fact the whole course, does a great job in demystifying marketing and the tools used. I was reading code after this short lesson which gave me insight into how the website works. I’m now able to communicate better with coding experts understanding capabilities and expressing what I want to accomplish. Thanks!

  2. David

    I always wanted to know more about coding and Marinella provided me with the content I needed to understand the fundamentals. Without being to technical the course goes deep enough for a beginner to feel confident about actually getting started with coding! Also, it is full of tips and useful websites that will really make your life easier!

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