Ch. 1: Your Business & Target Market

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Chapter 1 is focused on giving you questions to start planning your business. What do you want to do and sell? Who will be buying from you? What do they look like? Who are your competitors? This will give you a good base for future chapters. This chapter can take from one hour to three hours depending on the individual! This chapter has two units.

1 review for Ch. 1: Your Business & Target Market

  1. Gregory Masino

    This chapter starts out asking simple questions one should think about. They seem like common sense questions, but if one has not thought about starting a business they are not. The questions gave me insight into defining what I need to think about in regards to why I’m starting a business and who my target market is. Everyone has a great idea for a product, but I’m not sure we have thought exactly who the target market is. The tools provided were a great help to establish parameters of the market. It saved me time searching the internet for information and where to get it. Thanks!

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